Selasa, 03 April 2018

Empire Warriors TD: Defense Battle 0.2.6 Apk + Mod Money Android

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– Rebalance Leon’s abilities
+ God of War: Leon now gains 2/4/6% (from 3/4/5%) critical rate and 4/6/8 atk damage (from 1/3/5) for each nearby enemy. When the rage is comsuming, Leon gains 4/6/8% (from 2/4/6%) critical rate and 6/8/10 atk damage (from 3/5/7)
+ Rage of the Beast: this ability now last 12/14/16s (from 10/12/14s)- Add 5 new Story maps.
– Add runes’ information to Encyclopedia.
– Add a new rune type: RUNE OF WISDOM – reduce skill cooldown.
– Fix some minor bugs.


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