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Heroes of SoulCraft – MOBA 1.7.6 Apk Android

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*** We are a small team of indie developers trying to bring you the best MOBA experience in quick 5 (3v3) or 15 minute (5v5) matches. For more info check out HoSgame.com ***
Angels vs. Demons mobile MOBA team battle
Heroes of SoulCraft (HoS) is an Arcade MOBA in which 2 teams fight against each other in fast-paced, tactical matches full of action and fun.
Play 5 or 15 minutes
Waiting in line? Play a 5 minute 3vs3 game on your mobile phone with instant matchmaking.
At home on your couch? Play several 15 minute 5vs5 games on your tablet or PC.
Need to leave the game early? No problem – we will join a new player into the running game.
Choose your hero
Select one of several heroes: play the melee dwarf “furious axe” Grimnor, the range fighter “loose cannon” Keely, the mage supporter “flower princess” Dalia or many more.
Easy to learn
Heroes of SoulCraft makes it very easy to learn the basics within a minute. Over time you can choose to do more things manually like skilling or item-buying for the full MOBA experience.
Unleash your titan
Ever wanted to take a huge fire dragon or a big rock golem into the battle? Now you can! Choose your titan to accompany you and customize your Hero by pre-configuring your item-deck.
Download now on Android, AndroidTV and Windows-PC
Heroes of SoulCraft is now available as a first Alpha Version. Download now for free on Android and Windows (see HoSGame.com) and help us improve the game by giving us feedback in the forums.
Android TV users: a compatible gamepad is required to play!
HoS works with MOGA Controller in HID mode and most other gamepads as well
As featured in SHIELD Hub – play it on NVIDIA SHIELD
For more info check out HoSgame.com


v1.7.6 Balancing
– Fixed endless ads issue, now one one ad every 5 minutes should be shown max
– Reduced gold prices for several heroes
– Random hero for new players
– Grimnor “Dig In”: Increased healing, “Spin”: Increased slow
– Lion “Focus Attack”: Increased slow duration
– Niomi “Soul Harvest”: Now pulls enemies closer
– Turakk “Charged Blast”: gains +60 energy
– Earth Worm: Reduced damage immunity
– Golem: Reduced damage
– Meteor: Reduced the cancel time (same for Sword of Damocles)

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