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Dale Kepler Big Dipper Shipper 1.0.11 Apk + Mod Coins for Android

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 Dale Kepler Big Dipper Shipper- gambar mini tangkapan layar

Dale Kepler: Big Dipper Shipper is a charming arcade shoot ‘em up with original dazzling visuals and an enjoyable, lively story. Play as Dale Kepler, owner of Big Dipper Shipper, in a quest of revenge against the infamous space bully Rusty Hubble. Work with newfound allies to unlock a path across the galaxy as you embark on your quest to defeat your arch nemesis, and get back your most prized possession.
  • Customize Your Ship! – Bargain with the crew at Nate’s Intergalactic Planetary Supply Co to purchase and upgrade a wide array shotguns, special weapons, and truck modifications.
  • Cute and Delightful Visuals! – Beautifully designed hand painted artwork by award-winning illustrator Micah Player. Fantastic explosions and special effects, and procedurally generated in-game backgrounds.
  • Action-Packed Gameplay! – Shoot, explode, and dodge your way through challenging foes that threaten your business. Use cunning strategy and a vast arsenal of collected weapons to defeat huge bosses encountered along your journey.
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– Resolved issue with lag on later levels
– Resolved issue with coin drops
– Resolved death on level end issue


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