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For Whom Alchemist Exist Apk v1.9.2 Cheat/Mod 100% No Virus (Dmg Big/Enemy 1 Dmg Only)

◆ Number of users exceeded 1 million! * Duplicate downloading is not included.Plane × height × orientation × attribute × job × ability = strategy ∞ (infinity)
– Taken of seven sins, being tossed by the gods, and to whom will they fight? OP Anime Director: Masaharu KawamoriComposer: Yoko ShimomuraThe story of seven sins is spun by overwhelming quality animation and magnificent music, gorgeous voice actors!
◆ Strategy battle spread with the story of the seven main characters spun in 3D! Battle full of tension that changes the battle situation at once with a heavy drama woven by different chiefs by chapter! It is!
◆ Development system for diverse job & abilities ◆Job choice greatly affects tactics, let’s foster firmly! Action · Reaction · Support Combine 3 types of abilities to derive equations of victory!
◆ Characters by gorgeous voice actors will be added one by one ◆Abe Atsushi / Ishikawa Sekito / Inoue Yukiko / Ikezawa Haruna / Endou Aya / Ohara Sayaka / Kakihara Tetsuya / Kato Eri Misa / Kanai Mika /Kitamura Eri / Kubo Yurica / Takeshi Oyama / Chiwa Saito / Takuya Sato / Aya Suzaki / Junichi Suwabe / Risa Taneda /Nishiyama Kotaro / Noto Mamiko / Hatano Wataru / Hanoe Natsuki / Haya Saori / Higaki Yoko / Hidaka Rina / Horie Yui / Midorikawa Mitsuhiro /Junko Minagawa / Mugi / Michira Ayase / Masashi Murata / Tsubasa Kenaga and many others (in alphabetical order)
【Alchemist (Tagata) for anyone’s games is this game】· Authentic tactics battle game! Beginners to experts Make full use of alchemy and become a hero!– Strategy simulation game where you can play with the strategic elements such as elevation difference and character orientation!· You can experience cooperative play by experiencing Tactics RPG with spectacular world view and collecting friends!· Deeply developed stories can be played as a story game!· Because it is popular free online simulation RPG, you can enjoy multiplayer with friends!· Because it is a strategy simulation, you can enjoy the fun of fostering characters and making them fight!· Tactics RPG, simulation RPG can be enjoyed in various fields such as dungeon quest!– Multiplayer can be done by tactical simulation tailored to the individuality of various jobs!· Take advantage of individual features and be cool Enjoy the Tactics RPG with cute characters!· Tactics RPG produced by popular game company “gumi” so you can enjoy authentic strategy game with easy operation!· Tactics RPG with voice to make the character even more exciting!· Because it is a four person struggle strategy game, you can enjoy it as a game you can play with everyone!· Battle RPG plus strategy simulation adds excitement with Wai Wai Multiplayer everyone!· Enjoy tactics RPG with realistic strategy simulation such as elevation difference and character direction!· Because it is a free tactics SRPG, it is possible to proceed with strategy simulation by yourself carelessly!· Because it is a full-scale strategy simulation game, even those who have done various strategy simulation games can enjoy it!· Tactical Simulation Online RPG game playing with friends with cooperative play!· You can combine units with multiplayer and fight strategy games with your friends!· As both a strategy game and a story game, there are lots of characters with a magnificent world view and plenty of character, so enjoy it both!· Cooperation games, online games that you can easily play online with everyone!
【Alchemist (Tagatorame) for anyone is recommended for this person】· I love tactical games and strategy games especially with full-fledged tactics RPG· Want to enjoy strategy games with fantasy worldview such as magic and alchemy· I want to enjoy simulation RPG (SRPG) with various characters, occupation (job)· Sophisticated people who want to destroy enemies with their tactics considering the situation of the field· Train characters such as Heroes, Knights, Swordsmen, Mages etc and make their own units and want to play battle game with Multiplayer· Looking for a game that you can play with four people in a fantasy world view· I’d like to enjoy the story game with the voices of gorgeous voice actors· I’d like to try Alchemist (Tagatorame) for anyone who can do it for free from single play to four people struggle· Tactics I want to do adventure game with plenty of fantasy elements that I am good at RPG and simulation game· I like role-playing games (rope) and I want to enjoy it even with simulation RPG (SRPG)· Popular Tactics · Strategy Simulation Games Who wants to enjoy Alchemist (Tagatorame) for free· Since I had only action games so far, I want to try Tactics RPG· It takes time to commute to school, so I want to kill time with Tactics SRPG· Cooperative playing tactics SRPG which can fight four people with fellows are looking for in online game· I am looking for a tactics RPG that can foster charming characters and fight together· I like training games that change jobs (jobs) such as knights, swordsmen, mages etc.· I want to play tactical simulation with Alchemist (Tagata) for field whose field is 3D map· Want to enjoy adventure games and dungeon quests with co-workers and cooperative games with online RPG· Want to enjoy with popular simulation RPG, strategy game· I’m looking for a gorgeous voice actor voice with a battle RPG like strategy simulation· I want to clear the tactical RPG with tension by using my tactics / strategy· I want to play a strategy simulation game that can be played with everyone in cooperative play· I want to enjoy alchemy frequently appearing in role-playing games (rope) with tactics SRPG· Dungeon RPG, including dungeon quests that can be played by four people fighting together, Adventure game like· I want to enjoy tactical simulation battle RPG with characters with various characteristics· I want to enjoy strategy games, loopre (role playing game) by moving cute mini characters in the field· I like adventure games and simulation games and I am looking for fantasy worldview· I would like to enjoy fantasy story games with alchemy and magic worldview· Dungeon quests also have plenty of prepared dungeon RPG, adventure games
■ Word that is easy to mistakeWho is this game no alchemist / for others / because of / for whom / Alchemist for whom / Alchemist for whom
■ Application priceApplication Body: Basic Play Free (Item Billing Type)For this application, “CRIWARE (TM)” by CRI · Middleware Co., Ltd. is used
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Game Info
Game Name : For Whom Alchemist Exist
Game Category : Role Playing Games
Last Updated On : December 19, 2016
Game Size : 20 MB
Version of The Game : 1.9.2
Developer Firm : gumi Inc.
File Format : Apk
Requires Android : 4.0.3 and up
Total Installs : 100,000 +
Google Play Rating : 3.8 / 5
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Mod (Dmg Big/Enemy 1 Dmg Only)

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